Safety Compass Service Commitments


·         Trauma informed & survivor informed care

·         A highly collaborative multi-disciplinary approach

·         Hope filled, strengths-based services

·         Support for any survivor of the sex industry regardless of whether they are still in "the life" or not, regardless of what type of exploitation they experienced, regardless of their gender identity, race, religion, or sexual  orientation.


Service Philosophy:

We believe that the best way to extend compassion for those we serve is by respecting them. We respect survivor's coping-skills, strengths, and personal insights as guidance for how best to support them. We do not use terms like "rescue" for our work or "broken" when referring to survivors. Instead we use terms like "encouragement" when we talk about our professional goals and "resilience" when we describe the survivors we serve. We strive to offer a safe and supportive network of people to uplift those directly impacted by the sex-industry, as well as their loved ones.  

Intentional Culture:

Our staff and volunteer culture is intentional. We endeavor to operate sustainably, believing our effectiveness is inextricably linked to our own well-being and personal peace. We strive to be agents of organizational change within the systems in which we are working. We actively resist internalized oppression and acknowledge the vicarious trauma that can eat at the fabric of the social justice movement. We reject notions of us vs. them that can polarize the social service community and believe that a broad spectrum of trauma informed services will better serve the diverse survivor population. Therefore, we want to uplift other organizations in this movement. We reject the fear of scarcity. We believe that through collaboration with other groups and programs we safeguard against the splintering of the movement, and instead, empower positive transformation within the system. We stand for the freedom that comes with welcoming, celebrating, and honoring the strength and wisdom in our partners in the fight for justice.