Dear Parent or Loved One,

If you are the parent of a runaway, missing, or sexually exploited youth or adult you may feel that you are living in a nightmare of endless waiting and worrying. The uncertainty of your child's welfare, and the sleepless nights wondering if you will receive a call from the police that they have been picked-up in a sting, or arrested, are exhausting. Are they alive? What is happening to them? These are all common questions that parents are faced with. When parents or loved ones find themselves in this position, they often feel isolated and as if there is no one who understands the on-going agony they are experiencing. The lack of closure when a child is missing indefinitely can be hard to manage. 

Safety Compass welcomes families and loved ones of runaway, missing, and exploited young people to find solace and community here. Below you will find posts from parents who have been through experiences that you may find similar to your own. Their feelings and fears may be familiar to you. In the coming year we will be building programming to offer wrap- around support teams to uplift families and help them survive the on-going trauma of a missing or exploited child. 


I knew she had taken off with a new Boyfriend...That was when I first talked to (the police). (The police officer) just did not feel like jail was the right place for her but she was not going to say anything about (her pimp). It was a combination of luck and hard-headed dad that just kept following him, following her, checking Backpage for ads (GROSS!), tracking phone numbers, etc. Knowing she was alive was a good thing. I cannot tell you how many nights I woke up at 2 or 3, and all of the terrible thoughts of what might be happening to my daughter... or I would get a call in the morning from some police department. So all of this was happening, but who were we going to TALK to? Not a lot of crisis services that could help. I was not going to tell my mom or my uncles or anybody else! It is uncomfortable to talk about what could be happening with your child... How much of a punk the pimp is, does he hit her, drugs, all of the worst things imaginable. The pain is pretty hard, the thoughts that can go through your head are nightmares. But the real problem is when these victims look to get out of the game, ...there’s almost nothing (for them). They are scarred, badly. It takes the rest of a lifetime to move on? I don’t know...
— S.H. (Father)