Navigational Support. Just a call away.

We are dedicated to providing the most collaborative, effective, and culturally specific advocacy service available for survivors of commercial sexual exploitation anywhere.

Our intervention methods are designed to be implemented alongside law enforcement and child welfare responses to ensure that the survivor is provided with trauma-informed care from the moment they are ID'd, throughout the interview process, during pre-trial and pre-grand jury preparation, and followup. 

If you are a law enforcement officer or service provider and would like to make a referral, please see our contact page. We welcome your call. In most cases, we can coordinate an in-person meeting with the survivor you are referring within 1 business day. (24-hr emergency response to the scene by LE request, coming soon).

If you are a professional from outside the Marion County area, we offer professional consultation over the phone and Skype support during business hours, by appointment. 



how safety Compass can help:

Dear LEO or Social Service Provider,

I want to take a moment to offer Safety Compass' commitment to working with you in the fight against sex-trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Safety Compass believes the best way to serve victims of crime is for a variety of professionals to work together respectfully and efficiently to facilitate psychological first aide, investigations, medical interviews, case movement, and placement issues quickly and without conflict.

The leadership at Safety Compass are professionals who have dedicated their careers to serving commercial sexual exploitation survivors. We have supported victims through thousands of interviews conducted by law enforcement and forensic medical staff, and we believe that positive outcomes in these cases are best achieved through supportive and collaborative partnerships between the various team members.

We strongly believe that trauma-informed, multi-disciplinary interventions yield the most successful results. Safety Compass is here to partner with you to provide the survivor support element of the intervention. When you make a referral to SC, you can trust that the survivor in your case has access to highly trained, culturally competent advocates that have significant expertise in understanding the dynamics of the sex industry, complex trauma, and organized crime.

We look forward to working with you.

With Appreciation,

Esther Nelson, Founder and Executive DIrector